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No Fly Zone

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On the hunt for an all-natural, no-nonsense fly spray to help keep pesky flies and biting insects at bay during the warmer months of the year? Perhaps your horse or pony has sensitive skin and can’t tolerate strong chemical formulas, or you’re conscious of what you put on their skin every day.

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No Fly Zone is the perfect solution to your problems! This highly effective fly spray was formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients including neem oil, organic apple cider vinegar, lemon extract and tea, all chosen for their fly repelling properties. The aim was to create a totally natural and long-lasting fly repellent which allows horses to enjoy their turnout without being bothered by flies and biting insects.

The result of two years of careful research and testing is a fly spray which is kind to the skin and coat, offers long-lasting fly repellent properties and is effective against the dreaded sweet itch. It’s even been reported to help nourish the coat and bring out a lovely, non-greasy shine, thanks to the amazing properties of organic apple cider vinegar. We hand-mix No Fly Zone in batches in North Yorkshire and use it on our own herd of competition horses – and it really works!

No Fly Zone can be sprayed directly onto the coat on the body, neck and legs, and we advise using a sponge or cloth to apply it to the face, taking care to avoid the eyes, nostrils and mouth. Shop No Fly Zone in a 1-litre spray bottle (£18) or 2.5-litre spray (£38) bottle using the buttons below!

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2 reviews for No Fly Zone

  1. Lynne Bradwell

    Over the years I must have tried every fly spray on the market especially to deter the dreaded horse flies. So thought I may as well try No Fly Zone and it actually does work! Not a horse fly in sight while hacking it’s great and I don’t feel like I am inhaling loads of chemicals while applying.

  2. Amanda Monteith

    Amazing spray!! Keeps the pesky flies at bay fantastically ❤️

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